Difference between these Three PYB 10w40 oils?

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Sep 26, 2008
Jupiter, FL
I was at walmart getting ready to buy my PYB for my Auto-RX cleaning/cleansing phases. To my surprise there were three different PYB 10w40's. One was SM and one was SL and one was "Stop and Go". Is the SL version just left over stock? Or what? What is with the "Stop and Go" version.

Here are pictures of the three.

EDIT: through product data sheets on Sopus I found that the "Stop and Go" is the international blend, but the PDS is from 2002.

This is the SM and the one currently on Pennzoil's website.



Stop and go
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Is newer stock/formula always better? They have 12qt boxes of the SL and I think I saw a few quarts of the stop 'n go.
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Many will say the SL is better as the ZDDP will be higher.

That's what I'd buy.
Yep, that is what I'm going to do now. I'm doing this in a flat tappet so the ZDDP will help.
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I called Shell and the Bottle on the website and the "Advanced Protection SM rated" are the same oil just different stickers on them.
It won't let me edit the thread. But the Advanced Protection is SM rated and the Same as the first picture/link.

The Stop n Go is SL rated and old stock.

I found a 5 quart jug at walmart for $12.
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