difference between sl and others chevron supreme

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Sep 14, 2002
what is this chevron supreme that says SL formulated. what is that? i just started to try this oil today and just noticed the SL. i used to use mobil drive clean, though i dont think it said SL rated on it.

can someone clairify please?

running 10w30 in my 1991 accord just after a auto rx treatment =).
SL is simply the latest API rating for oils, all new oils that are certified have this rating. If you see SJ on the label, it's old stock. To pass SL, it has to pass different tests compared to the previous SJ ratings. SL was a big improvement over SJ.
Although you will still see SL oils that say SJ, or CI-4 that say CH-4 I just got a pallet of Chevron Delo Synthetic 5w40. The bottles only say CH-4 because they were filled in July....... 6 weeks before they could put CI-4 on the label.
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