Did I buy the right grease for sway bar end links?

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Apr 13, 2016
I bought a set of Moog sway bar end links, which have a zerk grease fitting. I don't know much about grease, I bought this tube based on a review for the end links. It's NLGI GC-LB #2 spec and says it works for ball joints (which is basically what end links are, right?)
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That will be fine. I am not a fan of M1 grease. Seems to break apart and get runny. But for sway bar end links it will be fine. I prefer a moly fortified grease for ball joints, end links, tie rods, etc... type joints.
I like the Valvoline synthetic grease. has Moly and from what I've read on this forum, it doesn't run or separate nearly as much as M1.
Yup that works. I have that in my grease gun at the moment. Generally, the only concern you need when it comes to grease is using a high moly fortified grease in a roller/ball bearing application. Moly can cause the bearings to slide, instead of roll. So stick with non-moly grease for these places.
Like Jimzz and THafeez said, fine grease and application appropriate. I also prefer Valvoline Synpower for the extra moly. Unlike many, I've never had a problem with M1 grease; had a tub of it sitting in the garage for a couple years without any separation and it always worked great when I was packing a bearing by hand.
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