Dexron VI backward compatibility

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You can you DexronVI in any GM transmission that called for DexronIII.

I've also used it in place of T-IV, Mercon-V, D-matic, and non GM applications that require DexIII too, including power steering systems. I've been trying to create a non-OE fluid related failure and haven't yet.
Nice to know. I would be usin it in the 1999 Camry A541E transmission which calls for Dex III. As far as i know Dex VI is synthetic and probably would have a longer service life than Dex III. How is the Supertech Dex VI?
It is ONLY backwards compatible in GM applications. No other automaker has approved it for their vehicles.

I would have no problem using the Supertech DexVI in the Camry.
As far as i know Dex VI is synthetic

You will not find that claim on any GM Dexron VI bottle. The material safety data sheet claims its a Mixture of severly hydrotreated and hydrocracked base oil (petroleum).

Dexron-VI is only backwards compatible in GM's Hydromatic tranmsissions. Most GM Allison transmissions that called for Dexron-III cannot use Dexron-VI...this the new name for old Dexron-III, Allison TES-389.

The requirements for Dexron-VI don't specify the type of base oil to be used, but the requirements are so tough that a synthetic blend or better is needed to pass the test.
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