Dent on oil filter

Dec 28, 2009
Hi guys,

I purchased 4 wix filters from rockauto few months back and I noticed a small dent on top of 1 of the filters.

I'm curious if I should toss this out or the dent wont hinder performance?
A dent on the bottom end of the can, I wouldn’t use. A dent on the sides I would use, but I’d shake it for rattles.
I ordered some expensive DENSO wiper blades from ROCKAUTO one the plastic arm was broken either thru shipping or warehouse, I contacted ROCKAUTO thru their messaging center(order status and returns) on their web page (since you cannot call a customer service line there is none) explained I received a broken blade and they sent me a new blade and told me to keep the broken one, no extra charges.
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Send RA a message, they’ll send you another one. A dome dent is a small risk, but Wix usually has a coil spring holding everything together, they don’t fail like the stamped leaf ones do. Unless Mann has changed them?
Dents can be a failure point on the filter with tens of thousands of pressure cycles.
Will a failure happen, probably not, but not worth the risk IMO.

Send RockAuto an e-mail and they usually take care of it.
IMO that dent is so small it won't cause problems; I've used them with worse dents. However if the dent makes you nervous, the peace of mind that comes with a perfect filter is worth way more than the money saved by using it.
Thanks guys, yeah I am going to use another filter, I bought 6 of these from RA and I'm down to 3 and just noticed this one. I'll email RA and see if I can exchange it, but it's been 8+ months since I got the order.
I had the same thing in a pack of bulk filters I bought from partsource. They were cheap filters so I just sacrificed that one to cut open and see how it was built. So I still felt satisfied using it for something.
So for all those saying it will be fine, what is this based on?

The fact that a reputable filter manufacture (also being the one that made filters in question here) says not to use them, and gives a reasonable explanation as to why you should not, is more than enough reason to not use one.

And anecdotal evidence (I did it once and it was fine) is not proof.
Dent on filter means toss in trash

Cut it open for a look.

If you know the filter, and what it has for end caps or build quality, you might just notice that the dent is not in an area of concern. Dent on a glue or fiber end cap vs metal end cap? dent on a leaf spring vs coil?

Dent is also a stress point for cold oil pressure leak at the dent seams. Dent on thin filter shell vs thick shell?

But, if the filter is dented, how badly were they handled in shipping/handling? That is only the damage you can see. Worry about the damage that you can't see. At the warehouse, your filter was used in a game of warehouse football or soccer.

Wix... I'd use it. But, my OCI is severe so it wouldn't see more than 4-5 months and fluids all the time, but am capable of exercising the warranty or swapping in a salvage yard engine in an afternoon. Can you?
Hi guys,

I purchased 4 wix filters from rockauto few months back and I noticed a small dent on top of 1 of the filters.

I'm curious if I should toss this out or the dent wont hinder performance?View attachment 56581View attachment 56582
My OCD thinking says don't use it, especially since a member posted a Wix video, the manufacturer of your dented filter, that specifically advises against using dented filters.
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It's a risk, the pressure pulses from the oil pump CAN cause a crack to form at the end of a dent-not saying it will, but it is possible. That's why I always look closely at any online purchased filters, I've had eBay Ultra 6 packs where multiple ones were damaged/dented.