Delvac 1 price?

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Aug 20, 2002
Hey folks, would like to find out what Delvac1 usually goes for pre qrt or gallen. I've found it for 10 bucks a gallon. Think they got the thing miss-priced. They got 8 gallons of the stuff, thinking about buying it all. One more thing- Would this oil be good for a 2000 LS1 Pontiac, 85 5.0 Mustang, and a 2001 Kia Rio? Would I be better off with 0W40 Mobil 1?
I'd love to know where that place is. I'm running low on oil for my TDI and it's almost due a change.
Stuart, I believe you are correct! I'll have to double check the next time I am there but now that I think about it I do recall seeing it say 3.78 on it as well, so your math definitely makes more sense than mine! [Smile]
Hey Judd, I know Walmart now sells M1 X-30 in 5 qt jugs for $17.88 = $3.58/qt. I have been using 0-40 M1 this year and am happy with it. I just don't like not being able to get it for Walmart prices. You guys want to help me generate some interest in the eyes of the Walmart buyers and email Walmart to request they begin stocking M1 0-40 in 5 qt jugs??
Thanks everyone, I'll be heading over there on payday. Not very often that "Murphy" smiles at be. Well, he smiles alot but it's that crappy,goona get you smile! [Big Grin]
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