Delvac 1 or Mobil 1 0W-40

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Oct 31, 2002
Anybody have any opinions on which is better, Delvac 1 or Mobil 1 0W-40? Does anyone have analysis results on Delvac 1? Does it have moly in it? I have seen Delvac 1 at truck stops but no retail places in the Denver area, so it is harder to come by than 0W-40. I have used Mobil 1 10w-30 in my Toyota PU since it was new and have been very happy with it, when I take of the valve cover to adjust clearance, it looks like new even after 150000 miles. It would be nice to give my WRX the best mobil has to offer, not comfortable with Redline or Amsoil due to the lack of API cert. Thanks for any opinions, Dan
Good question. I have been pondering that one. I went with the Delvac for a couple reasons. It is a 5W instead of a 0W. It is more easily obtainable for me, probably. I feel that since it is advertised as a 60K oil change oil (I realize sumps are bigger in trucks)extended changes would be applicable. Bearings in truck diesels take more of a pounding than cars. On the up side for the 0W-40 the oil is formulated for a gasoline engine. The 0W-40 has a great reputation. I have heard lots of good anecdotal things about it. Don't know about the moly. To sum it up?? [I dont know]
Mobil Delvac 1 is a synth Group IV, V oil, 1300 is a Group II oil. Both have high levels of dispersants/detergents and high levels of acid neutralizing additives.
Originally posted by Tim H.: My question is what is the difference between the Delvac one and the delvac 1300 I see here at wally world?? both are 'diesel' oils aren't they?
About $17 a gallon difference [Big Grin]
Al - good one!! [LOL!] I would like to see an idependent shoot out of these diesel oils - albeit properly grouped. For example before I became an Amsoil nut I swore by Chevron Delo 400. Great price, OK volatility, good detergent/TBN, but not so good wear numbers.... [I dont know]
WRXDAN Welcome to the forum! But I can't offer any input on which oil to use in your car given those two choices. I do think that the SS 15/50 is over looked by some given it pumps like some dino 5/30's when cold. My opinion is the 10/40 MX4 is the best Mobil oil if not afraid of possible cataylist problems far down the road but man it's expensive. The 15/50 and 10/30 Supersyn are my next favorites in the synlube line. If Mobil would package the 1300 oil in a 10/30 version available in quarts, many would jump on it I believe. I would like to see some type of analysis be it a run or a virgin test" prefered" of the Delvac 1 and the 1300 oil. We have a site sponsor George Morrison that really knows these Mobil oils.I hope he see's this and responds. I have used the 1300 last summer. It is dark and rich looking and held up well it seemed especially in the engine I used it in which I think is getting coolant in the motor. I pulled it at around 3500 miles only because the seasonal temp drop.The visual looked as if it could have went another 3500,not that visual is the best way to look at the overall performance of a oil [Smile] George,if your out there can you post some additives in the 1300 and the Delvac 1 ?
Thanks for response guys, at one time or another I have tried all grades of Mobil 1 with the exception of the motorcycle variety. I heard somewhere that Mobil spent a fortune developing the Delvac 1 and based on the fact that they are calling for 60000 between changes albeit with analysis and use in over the road applications it must have a robust additive package. The fact that it can get below 0 in the winter kind of rules out Delvac 1300 for year round use in my Impreza WRX. Also, I think I am a little early in the game, only 2000 miles for an analysis to be of much benefit. Dan
Even though the Delvac 1 is robust in additives it was formulated for diesel engines that for the most part stay running a larger pecent of the interval . I question the need for such a oil in a good gas motor. Your words about the ultra clean 150k motor on Trysyn tells me a CH-4 oil might be overkill.The synlube base oils seems to do a very good job of keeping a engine clean because they tend to not oxidize in high heat times as bad causing all the additives to react and eventualy be depleted leaving deposits. A CH-4 oil could be a good cleaning oil/tool every 3 years or so though when a SL dino is used. It's not so easy to pick a oil to use for the life of a new car you intend to keep is it? I just went through this myself but using analysis as a tool one can always adjust intervals or change oils within a brands line to full circle completely change to another brand [ November 02, 2002, 11:39 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
Dan, I've been thrashing over this myself. Our newest addition is a '99 Saab turbo, & one of the guys on the SaabNet BB has switched his '97 to Delvac 1 & can't rave about it enough (he claims higher gas mileage than the xW-30 he was using, too!). Still, since M1 0W-40 is available, I wouldn't choose the diesel-specific oil. My concerns are about the additives; from what I understand, they might foul the spark plugs in a gas engine more easily (do heavy diesels use glow-plugs?), as well as possibly damage the catalyst in the catalytic converter (do heavy diesels have cats?). I don't know if the additives could foul the injectors. I can see where the extra additives would benefit the turbo bearings, but my Saab's cat is VERY sensitive to the differences in gasoline composition, & I don't want any extra compounds from the oil to aggravate it. Also, since it's still under warranty (for about another 18mos), I don't want to give Saab ANY excuse if I have an engine/exhaust problem. Now, since my son's almost ready to drive [Freak] , I've been looking at cars for him. I found an older car w/o a cat, & I wouldn't hesitate to use a diesel oil in that situation.
Most diesel oils, including the delvac also carry gasoline ratings. So they are also fine in gas cars. These Heavy duty oils are designed for mixed fleets, not just diesels, so they are designed to work for both diesels and gas engines. They will not harm your fuel injectors, cats ( yes diesels now have these too ), or spark plugs. I use diesel oils in both our gas and diesel vehicles. People in town who own mixed fleets of diesel and gasoline vans and trucks, I have found also do the same ( which is when I started feeling comfortable with the idea ). A friend who works as a manager at our local Fedex said that in their gas powered vans they found that the engine rebuild mileage increased ( time till rebuild ) when they switched to use diesel oils in all their vehicles, not just the diesels. Higher levels of antiwear additives are likely the reason.
Same here, i use dino Rotella T 15-40 in my 87 VW and i just got a case of Delvac-1 for my VW TDI. My only conplaint is i can't use the Rotella in winter time due to its viscosity, I need 10-30 for the twincam engine. But often i find myself looking at the insides of the engine thru the oil cap and admiring how clean it looks at 172K. I might take the risk and use the Group III rotella 5-40 in my older VW. i would hope it won't make it leak.
That was an interesting article, Eric. Wow, 396,000 miles before oil analysis indicated a change! I wonder what the time period of the test was? That is, how many months was the oil in the crankcase?
I agree that diesel-specific oils are durable, but isn't there some reason(s) why they're diesel-specific? Obviously, vis range is limited due to the target market, but if they're that much better for gasoline engines, then why aren't there more recommendations from any manufacturers? Outside of the US market, I would expect companies like VW & Mercedes (to name 2 which also produce diesel passenger vehicles) to recommend diesel-specific oil ONLY, in ALL of their models. [I dont know]
Not trying to derail this topic, but wasn't there another WRX owner that had posted about switching to synthetic oil early and a subsequent mention of high oil consumption?
WRXdan, I'd use the Mobil 1, 0w-40, which specifically meets all the latest European specs for gas/diesel engines, including ACEA A3/B4 and VW 502/505. It also meets the BMW "longlife" spec and MB 229.3/229.5. You can certainly use Delvac 1 in a gas engine, but the additive chemistry is optimized to handle the type of combustion by-products you get in diesel engines - specifically sulphuric acid and soot. Delvac 1 also has a sulphated ash content that is approx 50% higher than mobil 1, which would be a concern in engines that burn oil ....This is a direct result of the level of metallic detergent/dispersant additives in the formulation.
Quote: "This is a direct result of the level of metallic detergent/dispersant additives in the formulation." Ted, Can these mettalic additives result or lead to bore polishing overtime that a Diesel Ring Package would handle better than a Gas engines design would in terms of oil and combustion pressure control ?
Originally posted by TooSlick: Delvac 1 also has a sulphated ash content that is approx 50% higher than mobil 1, which would be a concern in engines that burn oil ....This is a direct result of the level of metallic detergent/dispersant additives in the formulation.
TS, I'm guessing that my earlier assumption of it being better for an older vehicle (BECAUSE of these additives) is wrong?
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