Dealer Filled BMW 0w20 LL14FE in M4, any concern?


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Hummm . . . . So a VW tech believes that 0W-20 oil is "just fine for everywhere in the U.S." OK, I understand that. And no doubt the way the vast majority of Americans drive, and the circumstances under which they operate their V-Dubs, 0W-20 will be just fine. No question about that. Were it otherwise, we'd certainly know by now. Still, the engine in a good many V-Dubs -- i.e., the EA888 -- was designed and built by guys who knew that their countrymen (and women), and many others, would be driving their Volkswagens flat out on the autobahns, autostradas and A1s from time to time, and thus the VW AG folks recommended 0W-40 weight oil for years. Hard to sluff that off simply as "old school" thinking. And I haven't.
Well not sure how that has to do with this thread, VW may believe that and what not but this thread regarding 0w20 LLF14 FE use on BMW S55 which was spec for an LL01 oil is the cause for concern here. Apples to oranges comparison between two engines that are very different
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Hello JamesGames, Hounds was responding to my post which was in turn, responding to Olas', only concerning SAE 0W-20 and climate. No attempts to hijack and sorry if taken that way.

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