Conventional oil difficult to find!

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Try Chevron Supreme, it's a high quality syn blend, very inexpensive and widely available.
Or considering 275k on the odometer, consider a 10w30 full syn if your winter temps allow a 10w.
Try atwoods. They have buy one get one free also on their motor treatment that's in the Sea foam can. Seen lots of conventional oil there. Even found gallons of hand sanitizer for under $2 a gallon.


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The first post stated the person wanted Conventional oil PERIOD... Everyone tells him their opinion as to why he should get something thing else.
One reason not to post a question
That's how BITOG works, or most any internet forum for that matter. You post a question and goes off on all tangents. No harm no fowl.
Im sure there’s conventional oil still out there somewhere, All I can find is synthetic blends, I would check hardware stores.
If not answered already, I think you can still get true conventional motor oil at Napa, Tractor Supply and Rural King.

Happy happy, joy joy!
You would have to cross the border into Mexico to get conventional oil, which is Group I dino solvent-refined mineral oil. They've got plenty of dino 25W-40 etc. there in the stores.

There has been nothing in the US that is less than Group II for a couple of decades now. I wouldn't call Group II conventional because it is hydroprocessed in a catalytic reformer, so it is "synthesized" exactly in the same way as Group III. The only difference between Group II and Group III is the viscosity index (VI) of the base stock.
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Is this conventional or a blend ? Think I might try it either way but would like to know. Thx
According to their site, all Pennzoil is either a synthetic blend or full synthetic now, regardless of viscosity grade. They still say "conventional" in the navigation menu, but that's probably for people like the OP who don't necessarily realize that anything meeting current API specs is going to be a minimum of a synthetic blend.
Here let me show you the Bob is the oil guy creed.

I do not change my oil with conventional; he who changes his oil with conventional has forgotten the face of his father. I change with synthetic.

I do not change my oil when it turns dark; he who changes his oil when it turns dark has forgotten the face of his father. I change my oil using previously documented UOA’s and manufacturer recommendations (because the engineers know more than you).

I do not buy the best oil; he who buys the best oil has forgotten the face of his father. I buy the oil that meets specification.
If everybody did this, there wouldn't be any high dollar boutique oils...
I don't get the desire for a pure conventional. I also don't get why any blend, or full syn would be a problem...
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