Continental Control Contact Tour A/S+ - DTD Flash Sale

Mar 2, 2004
I've had new tires for my Grand Prix on the radar for awhile, though I don't need them quite yet-- I'm replacing all the suspension components in the next 6-8 weeks and won't need the new rubber until then.

But I came across Discount Tire Direct's flash sale and they have Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus as one of their $100-off offerings. Conti is one of my favorite tire brands, have always had good luck with them. After KY tax and environmental fee this puts them at about $400 shipped to my door. Not the deal of a century, but certainly a good price for a premium tire.

From what I gather this model is a DTD exclusive as I'm not able to find any info on it elsewhere. Anyone ever run these, or know if it's a grand touring type tire, or is specifically made for longevity and fuel savings (it's rated for 80k.)? For this car I'd rather prioritize handling and comfort over ECO stuff and treadwear.

Not sure if I should jump on this deal or hold out for something better... It's likely another deal will come along eventually, for example Goodyear Eagle A/S are $100 each regular price, and routinely have a $75 rebate on the purchase of four. So this won't be the last good tire deal, but if the Conti's are extraordinarily good tires, it makes sense to buy it. Tire size is 225/60/16 FWIW. On the fence, help me out!