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Thinking of a '23 Corolla hybrid w/ A.W.D. or Prius w/ A.W.D...
I toyed with the idea of the Prius, but between the foot actuated parking brake and no power seats (and no power!) it really was never more than a passing thought. The itty bitty rwd motor though might be just good enough for me in winter though, most of the time when I am stuck, it really only needs just a little but more to move again… and of course, this setup seems like a natural idea.

iirc the awd prius uses nicads instead of lithium’s though, better winter performance. not sure on the tradeoffs though, can’t let it sit for too long, due to self discharge?
Had a '07 . Did very well in snow thanks to the battery being under the rear seat near the rear tires . The tires were the O.E.M. .
I wish more manufacturers made sedans again….with manual transmissions. Thankfully you can still buy a brand new Toyota Corolla for $22k. It’s a lot of car for the money that’s refreshing in a market where the average transaction price for a new car is around $40k. Can’t go wrong with a Camry either.