Connections: A Special Material and its Chemistry

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Jun 5, 2002
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This amazing material has a tensile strength about equal to that of alloyed steel, a density 1/6 that of steel, and a tensile strength about half that of some aramid fibers. Much research has been done to attempt to synthesize this material because of its many desireable properties. Kevlar is a strong polymer reacted from a carboxylic acid and benzenediamine. However, this material is composed of two proteins which contain two of the smallest amino acids, glycine and alanine. What is this material?
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Wow, all of you are correct but I believe lukejo was the first with the correct answer so he wins the Piston cup Lapel Pin. happy Spider Silk of the Golden Orb Weaver has three times the impact strength of Kevlar, and is 30% more flexible than Nylon. Hence, it this exact same chemical makeup can be synthesized and if the chemical structure can be reproduced, a light, flexible, but very strong form of body armor could be produced.
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