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Mar 15, 2012
PEARL River la
Backstory first off. Neice got into trouble a year ago and lost her 3 kids so 1 boy is separated from the 2 girls which my mother has(75). Today mom comes to me upset that the pre k girl 5 years old has been in trouble at school (hitting other kids) and they got message to state so now they are pulling her away from her as soon as possible and my name came up cause I have raised a girl along with fostered a teen. I get on phone to worker whom I have talked to on Mom's behalf again my name came up as potential fostering. I have been married for 31 years and take care of my wife who's a stroke patient so I am not a young man at 59 anymore and just got off supervision role of my grand babies that was ordered by court as daughter works through her legal procedures and her divorce. I feel obligated to help a child who has been through so much at a young age so I am torn as do I want to raise another child with psychological care needs that will be in state provided summer camp along with parent visit and school transportation if she is banned from the bus? Easiest thing would be say my hands are tied not my problem but what kind of life would this child have? Worker is worried if a married couple doesn't foster her she could hurt or kill someone. Confused should I even consider it being wife is in wheelchair and needs assistance 24 hours a day. Wife heard conversations then started crying for the decisions of some causing so much pain in a young little girl.
If your wife needs 24 hour care....

Take care of her first.

Unless you can afford in home care and that would be very, very, very expensive.
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