Clutch oil and MTF Change Help

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Jun 9, 2010
Merritt Island FL, USA
This is probably over my head if I am asking this question but just give me the difference if I want to do a change. My uncle wants me to change his MTF fluid in a 1.6L Nissan Versa 4-speed. Amsoil recommends a GL-4 75w90 severe gear oil. The Clutch fluid is DOT 3 Brake fluid. Where is the clutch fluid drained from? Thank you in advance!
New clutch fluid is bled through just like changing brake fluid. There are a few cars out there without any bleeder for the clutch hydraulics but that is fairly rare.
The clutch fluid is bled from the slave cylinder. Break the bleed valve free, put a hose on it running to a container, open it a tad, and let it gravity bleed until you have clean fluid. What does the OM recommend for trans lube? You surely won't go wrong with Amsoil, but a less expensive MTF might serve just as well.
The slave cylinder usually is on the transmission housing, don't forget to keep the clutch reservoir full. It's good idea to bleed the clutch while doing the MTF, because of close proximity.
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