Chrysler ATF+5?

This website ( makes several references to Chrysler ATF+5. Here's a couple paragraphs pulled from it:

Even product data sheets can provide questionable information. Fina’s product data sheet for its "Dexron-III/Mercon ATF" says it is recommended for "all late model GM...Chrysler and most imported car...automatic transmissions, as well as, (sic) those in Ford vehicles that call for a Mercon fluid." But, again, a fluid compatible with Dexron III or Mercon is not going to be compatible with Chrysler ATF+4 or ATF+5, nor will it be proper for either Dexron VI or Ford LV vehicles. The product data sheet is simply wrong.

Chrysler ATF+5—synthetic ATF used in 2002 and newer models, it is not compatible with Dexron or Mercon fluids.

Something seems amiss here. I wasn't aware ATF+5 existed and certainly not since 2002. Do they just have their Chrysler specs wrong or out of order?
I worked in a Chrysler Jeep dealer from 2003-when we lost them (guessing 2008-10ish??? I’m horrible with dates). We only had +4. And we, or at least I, always used the correct fluids. Auto transmissions were all +4, manual trans, diffs and transfer cases had to be looked up but there wasn’t such thing as a +5 while I was in a Chrysler shop.
There's no such thing as ATF+5, the only other reference other than the cartechbooks article from 2011 is this Lubegard ATF Conversion Chart which refers to ATF+5 (Shell 3403). Shell 3403 is an ATF made for Mercedes that's used in the 5G-Tronic transmission (also known as the NAG1) which was used by Chrysler in RWD biased vehicles like the 300, Crossfire, Grand Cherokee, etc. I've serviced a NAG1 in a Grand Cherokee and I know the manual calls for ATF+4, so my best guess would be ATF+5 was a proposed standard that was never made or it was made for a very short time in the 00's and now forgotten.
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