Chevron Texaco Havoline 5W20

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Jul 18, 2002
I was in Advance Auto last night and I noticed they now have the aforementioned oil. What suprised me the most is that it is the only 5W20 weight oil that I have seen that is priced the same as 5W30 and 10W30. I'm used to seeing a 30 to 40 cent premium on the 5W20 weights. There were no fancy claim and it didn't state semi-sythetic or anything else. Same labeling as the other grades. If I was using a 5W20 I would give this a shot. Has anyone using 5W20 tried this stuff yet?
I'll be using it on the next fill for my F150. Will drain at 5K miles and send in a sample for analysis. Mikep
Yep, currently using it in my F150. Performed flawlessly in a 5000 mile summer interval. Probably will go 6000 on this run. Highly recommended! [Cheers!]
Fifty cents extra for a group III 5W20. Just because the oil companies are allowed to call a group III a synthetic, doesn't mean they have to.
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