Chevron first 100% renewable base oil

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Apr 20, 2019
Chevron Products Company, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., and Novvi LLC announced yesterday the first production of 100% renewable base oil from Novvi’s Deer Park, Houston, Texas, U.S.A., Facility.
“As part of our aim to find more reliable, affordable and ever-cleaner solutions that scale, Chevron remains committed to our investment in and technology development with Novvi LLC,” said Colleen Cervantes, Chevron Lubricants president. “This milestone reflects the focus in our partnership despite the recent pandemic-related downturn, and we are excited about the future.”

Chevron is an equity investor in Novvi LLC, a California-based company that engages in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of high-performance base oils from renewable sources. The agreement was announced in 2016.

This development is the latest in a series of Chevron announcements signaling its commitment to the energy transition and climate change focused on three areas: 1) lowering carbon intensity cost efficiently, 2) increasing renewables in support of its business, and 3) investing in the future targeting breakthrough technologies.

“Novvi is focused on delivering renewable solutions—essential chemicals and products for the industrial fluids and lubricants markets—without trade-offs in performance, price, or availability,” said Jeff Brown, Novvi president and CEO.

Chevron is a leading manufacturer of premium base oils and one of the world’s largest suppliers of finished lubricants. It has one of the world’s largest base oil manufacturing platforms through its own refining network and its base oil licensing technology position.

The Chevron-Novvi partnership leverages the complementary technologies of Chevron’s long-standing expertise in hydroprocessing, particularly ISODEWAXING, with Novvi’s innovative use of renewable feedstocks to produce and market high-performance, synthetic and renewable premium base oils.

Chevron markets ISODEWAXING technology worldwide through its joint venture partnership with Lummus Technology, Chevron Lummus Global, and has a long history of leadership in enabling premium base oils production for the lubricants industry since its invention in 1993.

The unique production process and molecules are expected to offer even higher performance than conventional and synthetic base oils, with the advantage of being produced from renewable feedstocks.

Novvi has developed renewable products through its technology platform that are also applicable in plastics, rubber, personal care, wax, and electric vehicle fluids. The invention and scale of this technology is designed to provide more choice to manufacturers aiming to improve performance and reduce the carbon intensity of their products.
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From Novvi
Our base oils deliver the highest performance the industry has ever seen. Novvi base oils are pure hydrocarbon molecules that do not contain any of the impurities found in conventional base oils derived from crude petroleum through a level of molecular design that is optimized to outperform any competing technology, fossil or renewable in areas of volatility, viscometrics, biodegradability, toxicity, and many more.

Novvi oils meet the toughest lubricant challenges and are engineered to be compatible with the leading additive packages and industry specifications for rapid commercialization and sales success. From automotive to industrial applications, Novvi offers formulators unparalleled tools to deliver the best performance, while also improving upon key environmental metrics like carbon footprint, sustainable content, toxicity, and biodegradability.
Novvi products
Interesting, kinda sounds like GTL, but without the methane component, using something else instead.

Wouldn't POE and other ester bases technically already be renewable? I'm thinking Mobil's Esterex line for example, which are organically sourced.
I think they grow alge then convert to sugar then hydrocarbon oils very high price same type of specs as a PAO only bio based.
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