Chevron Delo 600 ADF sample.

Mar 10, 2021
Something different to go over. I don't think Blackstone has ever seen it obviously. Difficult to tell how it is in the market as it's still very limited and expensive.


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Interesting stuff! I guess even significantly increased Mo doesn’t create a big concern In the long run?
I have been looking for Delo 600 to use on my Mercedes Diesel. Who is retailing?

I ordered mine from Santie Midwest. No one caries it local. It is fairly expensive. I assume I can link the site if not I'll remove it.

They have 10w30 also.

It's mainly being offered to fleets and they just had a promotion for large purchase but I don't see it going retail anytime soon mainly due to cost.
Blackstone updated their comments once I verified to them that it was an hdeo oil.
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Well it's something out of the norm of their usual test so it's to be expected.


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I wonder if you could use this in a regular gas engine, as you can other HDEO’s.

Or would the lack of zinc and phosphorus cause a problem with the higher rpms gas engines work at?