Castrol Magnatec absent from local Walmarts

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I stopped by there recently and saw plenty of 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 Castrol Magnatec. Castrol oil is by far the best selling brand overall around here.
Castrol Magnatec may not be the best oil but it is apparently the smartest oil on the shelf. It has those "intelligent molecules" LOL!! I do not go to wal mart very often, but have seen it in various auto and farm stores: O'Reilly, Advance, Car quest, NAPA TSC Orlshlens and the like.
Stopped into the West Kendall location today...fully stocked with the usual, 5w20 and 5w30.
i was there yesterday and bought 2 jugs of the 5w20. I was back there today for some groceries and i browsed through the auto section and they have no more 5w20 left, just a few jugs of 5w30 and 10w30.
The seat of the pants dino loves the Magnetec but Walmart being out of stock allows me to try some of the lesser brands sick
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I run Supertech dino on 25k OCI's, car still runnen like a champ
Troll. bop
"Originally Posted By: FermeLaPorte I run Supertech dino on 25k OCI's, car still runnen like a champ" LOL! Though My brother had an old Geo (corrola clone) for a college beater, that used/ leaked about a quart of oil every couple of weeks and he drove it for 4 years without ever changing oil. He changed the filter every 5K or so. He was adding fresh oil to the engine every couple of weeks so he was changing the oil by default. He put at least 100K on it while he was in college. pretty sure he just used whatever the cheapest oil was. he paid about $400.00 for the car and it had right at 300K on it at the time. He never drove it much farther than a 100 mile radius from Lincoln, it was pretty much a college /go to work beater. He did not treat it particularly well and yet it lasted a long time. When he finished school he sold it for $300.00 to a neighbor HS kid and that kid drove it for several more years until the drivers side floor rusted out and that was all she wrote for the GEO.
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I checked two local stores, and I'm not seeing it anymore. Lot's of Edge and GTX. Is anyone else noticing it disappearing from their Walmart?
I've never seen it on big box retail shelves ever in Canada.
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