Castrol confusion

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Feb 24, 2011
Bitog member wemay recently asked a question comparing Motorcraft and Castrol motor oils. I was going to respond and point out that Motorcraft has the moly/boron combination, and Castrol shows very little of these, but plenty of sodium. However, it looks like Castrol is bouncing around a bit on additives. Here we see Castrol 5w-30 SN GF-5 tested by PQIA. This was the VOA that I based my opinion on. However, Here we see Castrol GTX 5w-20 SN GF-5 with 80 ppm Boron and no Sodium. Seems like quite a shift in add pack chemistry. Other PCMO's, such as PYB and VWB seem to be more consistent in their philosophy.

I know that some here prefer a non-sodium add pack, and until I looked at that most recent GTX 5w-20, I would have said to avoid Castrol if you're of that opinion. Now, who knows?
There are multiple additive packages on the market that all do the same thing. The Na is a Lubrizol package I believe being used by Valvoline, Royal Purple SN, and a few others. Cost is a big part of it. Castrol Synthetics like M1 are using the Mg/Ca combo which looks like an Infineum system.
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