car totaled, need replacement suggestion

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Jun 25, 2009
The day finally has come where I need to find a replacement car for my daily driver, 2005 Infinti G35 AWD sedan. Car is a total lost and I need a replacement soon. I want to spend about $10-12k on the said replacement. Hopefully I can get something with 80k and it must be AUTO. A big part of the reason why I haven’t jump into anything is because I really don’t love anything out on the market. When I bought the car, I was looking for a sporty sedan, IS350,CTS, A4 and Legacy GT. Now I’m looking for a sedan/wagon/hatch that can be sporty. Things I like about my car was everything was cheap on it, cheap to own, operate and repair. It had 127k, 100k driven by me. Only needed to replace like 2 cam sensors, 1 crank sensor, 1 wheel bearing. Everything else is normal fluids/belts/tires. The car is AWD with snow tires, I loved going out in the snow. I live in the Chicago, so we get snow but not as much as NY people. It was slightly modified and tracked a few times. Car stopped on a dime thanks to the brembo upgrade. Things I didn’t like, MPG was horrible!!! It was premium only car, mixed driving I get 19mpg. Updated window sticker government has it at 18 combined. When driving hard, you felt the weight of the 4000lb car. Lastly, it was useless for carrying things around. Seats don’t fold, smallish trunk and backseat. Heated seats got warm at best. So I need some help with possible replacements, naturally getting the same car or the newer version comes to mind. I want to try something else, plus the new ones will have the same issues. 2010-2012 VW GTI 4 door – not awd but will get snow tires. Should have a lot of help for them forums. Car is easily tuned to get good power. Maybe some reliability issues but I don’t mind doing some work, just not every day. 2008ish Subaru Outback – I think this hits everything on the head minus the power. They have turbo models but I rather have the MPG. These cars hold so much value, I don’t think it’s a good bang for the buck. 2010ish Acura TL – FWD, Similar to my G35, I’ve heard FWD models can get close to 30mpg on the highway. Anything else out there that I might not noticed or overlooked? TL/DR; Need a car to replace my G35 sedan for 12k
If you want to track something, what about a WRX?? Otherwise from your list I'd do the outback if you're not going to track it. The Golf would be fun too I bet. What about a 3 series wagon? Although 12k for one of those might not get one that won't be a pile. Or you could get a Saaburu (Saab 9-2x), gets you the performance of a WRX but a little less conspicuous and probably go for less since they're a "secret".
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I have an Acura Tl type S, 30 mpg is achievable if you drive 55-60 mph. If you care anything at all about MPG's, Do Not Buy an AWD vehicle. I have a Subaru also.
I would consider another G35. You are familiar with with the G35 and the resale value is not as high as the Acura and others. The Vws have reliability issues. I would think the Suburu's opposed engine would be expensive to work on. .02.
P.S. Look for a 1 owner car for sale by the original owner with maintenance records. Pay a good mechanic $100 to check it out.
Id NEVER buy a new let alone used VW with 80K+ miles! Tons of problems! The Subaru and Acura should be solid.
Another vote for the Acura. You should be able to exceed 30mpg highway if you're trying. FWIW, 2012 is when they fixed the front end styling...
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consider a Mazda 3 turbo hatchback.
Just the regular Mazda3 GT hatchback is a pretty decent drive too, not fast on a track but still competent. Carries some stuff as well.
I'd ask Scotty Kilmer. No joke. Email him during his next show. Personally, I'd go with the Acura first and the Subaru second. I don't have a third. wink Drive them both before you start looking, if you haven't, as you may find you really like one over the other. As far as other choices, as you can see I am a big fan of older Lexus. The older ones are not that expensive and you should get great reliability. Just a thought....
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