Car related YouTube channels


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Nov 14, 2008
Anyone have any good car related YouTube channels that they enjoy watching? Please no Scotty Kilmer! I think we're all familiar with him. I like the Copart tours this guy does -
And this guy gets some interesting cars in and does a good job showing them off. He's so negative and grouchy it adds to the entertainment!
Hoovie's Garage is a good one. Ford Tech Makuloco is good as well, but is almost exclusively focused on repairs of Ford vehicles.
Lately I've been watching video's from Precision Transmission, they're a transmission repair shop, they do a lot video's of tear downs of transmissions and stuff, I think they're located in Texas, I think I came across them when I was looking for places to trash a local shop with the same name that went way downhilll after the old timer we used to trust retired and sold it a few years ago.
Samcrac Cleetus McFarland Fasterproms LegitStreetCars WhistlinDiesel Tavarish Finnegan's Garage Car Wizard Hoovies Garage Chris Fix Mighty Car Mods Savage Garage Regular Car Reviews Vice Grip Garage I may have a slight obsession with cars.
as others have stated: Mighty Car Mods the Skid Factory Bad Obsession Motorsport Cleetus Tavarish Hoovie's the Car Wizard (WHEEZERD!) Finnegan's Garage Ford Tech Makuloco (helped me in a few repairs) in addition: Benny's Custom Works Wrench Every Day CarThrottle Colinfurze (admittedly only tangentially car related)
Ive watched a number of South Main and Chris Fix videos. I like AmmoNYC videos too... Also Kent Bergsma's Mercedessource videos (hes a controversal personality in the classic MB world). Generally I look for independent videos for something specific, so Im not looking for a specific provider, but an outcome or insight.