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For some reason I've been watching these lately: Vice Grip Garage Junkyard Digs Thunderhead289 Nothing against SMA, I enjoy watching him, but something about the ones above is more entertaining. Hoovie's Garage can be a hoot.
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Samcrac Cleetus McFarland Fasterproms LegitStreetCars WhistlinDiesel Tavarish Finnegan's Garage Car Wizard Hoovies Garage Chris Fix Mighty Car Mods Savage Garage Regular Car Reviews Vice Grip Garage I may have a slight obsession with cars.
Car wizard, Hoovies, Tavarish, Legit street cars, South main auto and Aging wheels are what I watch. Doug Demuros both channels are also on my subscription list but I find them of little value
Keith from New Level Auto. But he swam upstream in the repair/diagnostician biz, so I think he's no longer making new videos. GearBoxVideo
Excellent channels for learning how to properly diagnose car problems (not just throwing parts at it and guessing): South Main Auto Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics ScannerDanner New Level Auto FordTechMakuloco For basic wrenching videos, I like EricTheCarGuy, Fuzzy Dice Projects, and Samcrac For enteraining car-related stories, I like VinWiki, Rob Pitts, and Regular Car Reviews I also like towing and recovery videos. RepoNut is a great channel. He did repossessions and explained a lot about the tips and tricks repo guys use, very informative. Ron Pratt is a great channel for towing large trucks and heavy equipment, and recovering cars that have flipped over in a ditch or in the woods. Other car-related entertainment I watch is Hoovie's Garage, Car Wizard, and Neutral Drop. Your Auto Advocate I like this channel. He is a Sales Manager for many years and gives general advice on the sales side of a dealership. He (and especially his son) is a little cheesy, but the information is good. I worked at a few car dealerships many years ago in the service side, but from what I remmeber about the sales side, he seems to give proper advice.
I frittered away a hot summer afternoon yesterday watching Vice Grip Garage. Kinda reminds me of a college and ROTC friend, but with a Minnesota accent. I love the disclaimer which goes something like "I'm an idiot..." I was fascinated that he could get cars sitting for 20 years running and driving (not necessarily safe) in a day or two with a portable chest of tools and some fresh gas and a battery from a local source.
I stumbled across Precision Transmission last week. Watching that guy tear apart transmissions is mesmerizing.

I also like Nick's Garage. He has some interesting dyno comparisons and carnage teardowns.

Roadkill was fun while it was free.
Of the all the automotive channels lately I've been most drawn to the non corporate engine builder types like Myvintageiron7512, SloppyMechanics, Richard Holdener, vwdarrin, etc. The actual mechanic type channels like SMA, ETCG (let us pretend the Fairmont videos didn't happen), Jim the Car Guy are always great. Also as an old diesel Mercedes guy I feel it's my obligation to point out how much I dislike Mercedessource.
Another not exactly cars channel, but in the sort of related field of general mechanical dickery, there was Aussie50, but sadly about a year ago he took his own life.