Buying a used car: How to detect excessive oil consumption?

So if you change the oil before selling, people think you're a scammer, but if you don't, people think it's never been maintained. You can't win.
That’s why I’m so picky buying cars. I just keep them until they aren’t worth anything anyhow. 😄
First post in 3 years and it's some nonsense like this? If you try that with some people, you'll be leaving by ambulance.
My son and I went to look at a Mk6 GTI that had a replacement engine. The story from the father and early 20's son was that a teenage girl did it on a test drive. Her father had vouched she could drive a stick, yet she revved up with 3 of them in car, dumped the clutch, and broke the engine. Idiots left the tune on it at time of sale.