Brown Sauce


Jul 7, 2015
Down Under
Any Brown Sauce fans here ?

I just got myself some Chef brand Brown Sauce from Ireland, and I’m loving it. Probably HP Sauce, historically from England, is the most well known version. The Houses of Parliament sauce, now made in the Netherlands.

Barbecue (BBQ) sauce is a distant cousin, but often too sweet. Steak sauce is a close cousin, but more tanginess required. While Worcestershire sauce has an ample tangy flavour but isn’t thick enough.

I‘m talking the condiments you buy ready made to put on the table. I’m sure there are lots of great sauces and rubs made from scratch in a good kitchen or by a good cook, but that’s a completely different level.
I was wondering what "brown sauce " was.... ????


Then I read House of Parliament... Which I have had eaten with my steaks years ago. A good-very good sauce indeed.

One of the best I have had was called Texas Best. It was great on steaks and bugers and hot dogs.

Lea and Perrins is my worcestershire sauces. I use it all the time. Used it tonight in fact.

I have made my own BBQ sauces which at times have been extremely good. And... Lea and Perrins made it even better. Plus lots of other seasonings too. I used Trader Joe's ketchup as the base.
Great to hear from you BBhero, yes Lea & Perrins is a great sauce.

Merry Christmas mate!

Same to you my friend....

Yeah they did actually make a thicker Lea and Perrins... Don't think it sold the best.

I have a steak sauce aka brown sauce from NY called Delmonico's... It is a fantastic steak sauce.

And... Cross and Blackwell made a Brown sauce that was AMAZING....

Cross and Blackwell makes a great cocktail sauce... Amazing on shrimp.