Brown powder and black gunk in EGR valve

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Hello again wonderful and willing Bitogers!

Sitting here enjoying a Samuel Adams Boston Larger after an exciting time working on "Thunder the Wonder Pig." She's been running poor of late and I thought perhaps a new EGR valve might in order.

Sure enough, pulled the old valve and was amazed at the amount of gunk and carbon underneath. What caused me to stop and ponder was the kind of material beneath the EGR valve. The top layer was brown in color - like old, dried tea leaves. This was powdery and was easy to clean. Under the brown powder was a layer of hard black carbon which I chipped free with a small screw driver. Beneath that was a layer of black goo/gunk. It had the consistency of tar and was very hard to clean. Why these different "layers"? As Martin Luther would say in his catechetical way: "What does this mean?"
Im only guessing but could th layers have been laid down while you were using different fuel/oil/driving style? In the way geologists look at strata to determined e what was going. On at that time...
Fwiw I believe all egr's should be blanked off, you dont want those layers of crud in your inlet manifold or on your inlet valves!
Not open for further replies.