Black Infiniti (Nissan) paint rough in the morning after dew, smooth after the sun shines on it for a while

May 10, 2005
Jupiter, Fl
'06 G35 black. Mostly garage kept, but sometimes it sleeps outside. I don't know how long this has been an issue, but i only noticed it recently. In the morning when I get to work, the roof looks dull and rough. I've tried rubbing it with a microfiber cloth, thinking it was something on the surface - it made no difference. I went out a few hours later and it was shiny and smooth again. I assume the clearcoat is absorbing water or something? My only thought was to immediately wax it. I typically use either Colonite 845 or 476s. I cleaned it and did a coat of 845, the next day, the same thing. I cleaned it again and used the 476s. I noticed there are some lighter gray spots on the black - that I also assume are clearcoat related, or possibly related to a sun block accident that happened a few years ago that seemed to leave permanent light spots.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there anything I can do to prolong the factory paint as long as I can? It normally looks almost like new, I hate the idea of having to repaint, or reclear it. Unfortunately, when I drive the car to work, there is no shade unless I get one of three spots that have trees that drop brown goo onto the car, which I think is preferable to the sun.

I've gone from wanting to get my first paint correction (which I've been putting off for years), to not wanting to touch it.

Have not seen this issue personally. From your description, you may have a hood that is extremely oxidized and/or contaminated. Try claying the area followed by compounding and/or polishing.
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