British owner review on his 200K mile Fiat 500

I rented a 500 from Hertz and it was the worst car I ever rented. Slow, noisy, hit the bump stops a lot and rode like crap. It had the obligatory automatic transmission being a rental which sucked the life and any character out of it.
I don't know if they did for the 500, but often they try to adapt the suspension for the american public and make iut worse/dissapointing. Invariably it means softening but they call it "taking a bit of the edge off". Now softening doesn't work if your ride height is close to the bumpstops....
I rented one in Italy (new) and thankfully it broke down after 1 day, definitely not my idea of a car. They delivered me a diesel Mercedes C class (with cloth seats!?) which was amazing .