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Feb 9, 2004
Hi guy's, Not much of a Tech Question this one, but I was just wondering in the States, what Brand of oil has that Classic 70's V8, Muscle Car image.

Sort of like how in Aust,Castro is big with the 4 Cyl Guy's, so what's the Fave around the V8 seen.
I'd say Valvoline, just my opinion.
I always thought Valvoline had that Classic American V8 era image. Here it's sort of made out like Pennzoil are the all true American V8 oil comapny.
Thanks heaps guy's. and keep all thoughts comin!
I love learning more about things like that.
For muscle car image I'll agree with Valvoline.

Bread and butter family truckster image (being a young adult of the 70s) Q-State had that image locked up from my gas jockey experience. If a parts store carried only one line was the Q.
Does Pennzoil have any sort of linking or common use these day's with the 70's Muscle cars getting around? They claim there GT Performance is purpose built for the Classic American V8's in there Australian Advertising.
On a related issue, Castrol seemed to place itself with the 4 cylinders. I still remember the commercials in the 80's talking about the high revving 4 bangers needing a better oil. Goes to show how powerful advertising can be.
Having been a young adult in Southern California in the 1970's, I agree with the consensus here. Valvoline was the brand for performance cars with Castrol the preferred brand for European imports. I was involved with VW's and both brands were popular. Specialty oils like Torco had much of the Japanese motorcycle market.

Valvoline banners were always seen at racing events, so the marketing was there. Kendall was unknown and Pennzoil/QS had no performance image, they were just considered reliable products for mom's car.
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