Brake noise 08 saturn aura

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Jun 10, 2011
St. Louis, MO
So I posted here:

Here is my concern- So I replaced the caliper on the pass rear side. New pads and rotors (all new hardware), and I greased the caliper slide pins. Well now its making a noise like a squeaky door hinge. It usually only makes the noise when I'm almost to a complete stop, or slowly moving with my brake on the pedal, ~10mph or less. It doesn't make the noise in reverse. I don't notice any loss in brake performance, its just a terrible noise that I really don't want to hear anymore because it is loud and I am concerned about it. I'm up for any suggestions on what this could be and how to fix it, thanks!
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No I didnt put any on the back side of the pads. It doesnt have removable shims.

You can just butter the pads like a slice of bread with the brake lube! Don't use just grease! Grease will destroy your rubber compenents.
I always use some lube on the pads as a precuationary measure. I don't have any brake noises but, I always use good brake pads/shoes.

Though one time when my duaghter bought her used car, the car dealers shop(prior to sale) installed some new pads all'round and for the life of me, I couldn't get the noises to stop. I lubed, took everthing apart, reassembled, cleaned, etc. IDK what they used for brakes???

These brakes made some noises everywhere! On a hot day, they'd make one noise(front or back). On a cool day, they'd make another squeal/noise. On a wet day, they'd make a completely different squeal/moan! Holy cow!

So, even though there was good meat on all 4 corners of the car, I just decided to replace the brakes all'round with ceramic pads(rotors too). Lubed everything and the brakes haven't made a peep in 4 years.

Sometimes it just that way!

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Oh I know cars can be a big pain in the butt sometimes! I've had my fair share of head scratching trouble shooting incidents. I definitely learned from this brake job to always grease up the back side of the pads. I put ceramic pads on so I didn't think the material was the cause of the noise. I want these pads to last and not dirty up my aftermarket wheels!

Thanks again for the help, I'm now driving brake noise free. Now I need to replace the hub assembly on the passenger front! lol! If its not one thing, its another.
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