Bosch Premium 3331 Cut Open

Greatest Earth on Show, UT
This filter has been sitting in the garage for about 2 1/2 months and I finally got around to cutting it open. This was on the GP for a 7,333 mile/7 month OCI using Valvoline MaxLife NextGen 5W-30. Date code on the dome is F03027B2. Disassembled. The ADBV was very pliable. Nice and evenly spaced pleats with a little waviness on the dome end. However, at the glued pleat seam, the pleats were a bit wide. No tears on the wavy side. But on the other side...a slight tear. Oh well! I will be sending an oil sample in for a UOA so we will see in a month or so when I get the results back if there are elevated insolubles. We'll also see in a few months how the PureOne on there now does. I know there is a good chance that it too has torn already (2 1/2 months, 2,500 miles on it at his point), but I will continue to use it for the remainder of the OCI, which I will probably cut short at about 7,500 miles (OLM would probably take me to 9,000), depending on the results of the UOA on this Bosch filter run.