Bosch Premium 3423 Cut Open (Money Shots Only)

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This filter was on the Burb for only 1,847 miles/2 1/2 months. I removed it so early because I wanted to get the Valvoline MaxLife NextGen out of the sump prior to my 3,000 mile road trip. The overall construction was very good, so I will refer you to the 3423 I cut open in April for the basic construction, pleat spacing, etc.: The ADBV worked very well. In fact,it work too well, resulting in a huge mess when I took the filter apart four months after taking it out of service and storing it base-side down that entire time. I am glad I was taking it apart and taking photos on the sealed garage floor rather than the wood-topped workbench. The only things to report here are that the pleats were spaced pretty wide at the seam and the media there was pretty wavy. However, there were not tears. That may be due to the short service time/mileage, but it may also be because this is a taller than spec'd filter, resulting in a lower pressure gradient across the filter media. I think it is a combination of both, as my prior 3423 that was in service for nearly 7,700 miles was tear-free but I am not confident that this one could have lasted that long intact. I do not remember which ends in the photos are the dome and base plate ends, but they are both from the seam and you can see some pretty wide spacing and major waviness. Although it looks like there may be a tear in the pleat to the right of the seam in the first photo, I tried pushing it around with my finger and there was no tear.
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Just under 136k when this oil was drained. I forgot to mention that there was also a bottle of LM MOS2 in there, which is probably the cause of the odd color.
That must be it. The color was definetely seemed a bit off. grin2
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Looks like it wanted to tear but luckily you ran it shorter than specified so that didn't happen.
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