Blackstone has moved!

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Oct 31, 2002
Ft. Wayne, IN
We sent emails and postcards, but there are always a few who don't get the message. So I wanted to let everyone know that we have moved!

We're around the corner from our old place, so all our carriers are the same and know where to deliver samples, even if you mail it to the old address.

But take a minute and cross out the old street address on your kits. The new address is

416 E. Pettit Ave.

Thanks Kristin. I will feature this for a couple months and hope it gets wide dissemination.

Thanks for the info............can anyone tell me the cost of postage now? I havent sent any samples since the rates went up.
postage is $1.59 through USPS, but good luck getting your container to them.

I sent them a sample on 2-21, & I still don't have my results. Stupid USPS.
I delivered my sample January 7 to the post office addressed to the old address. After three weeks, I gave up all hope of ever seeing a UOA on that sample, and I had already poured the excess I collected in the jug I returned the drained oil to the recycler in. Low and behold, I got the results February 9 by email on an analysis run that day. Whoopie - verily I say unto you this is still truly the age of miracles in grace. (Whoever rapped poetically about postal carriers not being stayed from their appointed rounds by rain, snow, sleet, or hail never foresaw the possibility of Krispy Kreme donut shops...)

Is there any chance one could get new stick on labels for those who bought kits in quantity?

Hopefully the new labels would reduce any chance of delays.

Thanks in Advance.
Blackstone used to have this really helpful letter that one could show at the post office to reassure the postal employee that the Blackstone Kit was in compliance with USPS shipping regulations. I can't find a link to this letter anymore, but I'd like to print one out. Does anybody know where to find this letter?
I mail mine at the airport post office.
They get them all the time, as it is a requirement for aircraft engines.
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