Best Stuff to Clean IAC and VSV

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Aug 6, 2013
Can I clean my IAC valve and vacuum switching valve with throttle body cleaner while car is running? Will this damage the engine?

My iac is in a bad location and I don't want to remove it until I get a new gasket. Can I just do a quick cleaning by spraying it into the iac while engine is running?

And for the VSV... throttle body cleaner? Or soak in seafoam? Anything else that works better?
You can clean the IAC with it.

However, I don't know of a safe way to clean VSVs. What car are you dealing with? I find with old plastic VSVs, if you even try to remove the old VSV, the plastic cracks.
I just did this a few weeks back on my 94 Crolla with CRC throttle body cleaner. Worked like a charm. Spray into the inlet hole for the IAV until it's pouring out, then start the car and let it suck the fluid through; I had to put my finger over the inlet hole to create vacuum to pull all the cleaner out of the IAC valve which stalled the car a few times, but it eventually sucked it all through and it idles much better now.
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its a 2006 corolla

Since it is over 7 years old, you are at a high risk of shattering the plastic VSV.
Leave it alone unless you are prepared to replace it. Unless you can prove the VSV has completely failed, leave it alone.
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