Best Studded Winter Tires - 2014 Silverado

Sep 11, 2020
I'm looking for any opinions on what studdable tire offers the best grip in the snow. I live in Canada, and I am only considering studded tires. The vehicle is a 2014 RWD Silverado 1500, stock tire sizes are P rated 255/70/17 and 265/70/17. I don't tow or haul more than a few hundred pounds (I will keep some weight in the bed this winter) so LT tires are not a requirement but I'm open to either P or LT tires. I've heard and read conflicting things regarding LT tires and snow performance. I like the idea of deeper tread and more plys/toughness with LT tires, but have also heard this comes at a cost to traction due to the stiffness, and the different compounds used.

I had read many reviews and checked consumer reports, but their ratings seem to focus too much on factors like noise, rolling resistance, ride comfort, etc that are unimportant to me. Every snow tire listed is simply tagged as "Excellent" for snow traction. I don't put many miles on in the winter, so tread life isn't a big factor. It also won't bother me if the tires sound like a bad wheel bearing, my main concern is grip. I have ran studless winter tires like the top rated Michelin X-Ice in the past and found they are fine in mild winter conditions and it's impressive how quiet and how well mannered they are for snow tires, but I was disappointed with the performance on icy roads or in deeper snow. I've used studded Altimax Arctics for years on different cars and SUVs and found them to be great, but they aren't made in the right size for this truck.

I've heard good things about Cooper Discoverer M+S, and was leaning towards those. General Tire Grabber Arctic looks similar to the Altimax Arctic. and I was also looking at the Goodyear WinterCommand. I'd appreciate any help or opinions.
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there is an online site in Canada called Quattro tire if you are not against ordering online they have decent prices and right now they have 7% rebate , if not its a good option to look at whats available to you in your sizes and gain some info.
Just did a quick search on quattro tires site, nothing available in 255, in 265 they have lots available and they also offer studding for $18.95 per tire and i believe free shipping as well.
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Blizzaks. I had a 2004 RWD Silverado until 2018. It came with P255/70-16. First set was called Winter Duelers. Narrower tire recommended for snow, P245/75-16 was a factory option so that is what I got. First three winters in Chicago, the rest in Buffalo. That’s like in Canada, isn’t it? Got myself out of a few snow drifts, never got stuck. I got six winters out of each set, two winters out of the third set and they went with the truck when I sold it. Not the cheapest but not that much more when you consider their purpose.
Thanks for the replies, Quattro Tires seems to have great prices and a good selection. The IceContact XTRM and X-Ice North 4 both look great, good to see Michelin offering a studded tire. I don't see them being sold yet but hopefully they will be soon. I've never run Blizzaks but have heard they are one of the best studless tires.
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Nokian makes studded tires in 265/70-17, but not the 255. If yo want P, there's the Hakka 9 SUV. If you want LT, there's the Hakka LT3
General Grabber Arctic and Grabber Arctic LT are both good choices for the's a set on separate rims for our '17 Wrangler....


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