Best oil filter bang for my buck ???

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Jul 14, 2017
Dallas Texas Area
So, I struck "gold" and my Autozone parts "hook up" guy got me 2 M1-206A filters @ $7 each cool i installed first one back in August and plan to replace in December/January depending if I make my 1800 mile Chicago family holiday run this year lol But next year is another story and it's back to the stocking up on "reg" filters lol For me, I prefer to run a oil filter 5000-10,000 Miles with a drain and fill in between For a '01 Suburban 5.3 with 245K miles driven 2000-3000 miles a month I found these deals so far 12PK PF61F AC/DELCO $19 shipped 6 PK Fram XG3675 $24 shipped 6PK premium guard PG5288EX $35 shipped
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If you're going to run a filter for up to 10K and beyond, Fram Ultra. Not much more than the ACDelco. The FU bandwagon exists for good reason.
Another vote here for the Fram Ultra series (spin-on and cartridge). Should easily go 10,000 miles OR once per year OCI in most cars. I have moved away from AC Delco, Toyota, Mobil 1 oil filters and use exclusively full synthetic Fram Ultra's. Pretty cheap thru Walmart, etc. IMHO, best bang for the buck.
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