Best high mileage oil?

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Mar 23, 2004
Upstate, NY
Who makes the best high mileage oil in terms of seal conditioning, synthetic content (if any) and additive chemistry? I've read a lot about Maxlife lately, but heard very little about Pennzoil or Castrol's product.
General opinion here seems to be Pennzoil. I put Mobil High Mileage Blend in my dad's old Lincoln Town Car (143k) since it's a blend. Too soon to say how it's working.
HM oils in the Chevron, Havoline, Citgo, & Pennzoil brands all tend to run in the 12 cSt viscosity range, which is the heavy end for a 10W-30 oil. Just the ticket for an engine with some noise or oil consumption issues. My favorite is the Chevron Supreme 10W-30 due to the traditional golden honey color.
i have used vavoline's maxlife 10w30 for the past 2 yrs... now at the last oil change i changed over to running 10w40 penzoil HM oil.... love it! jeep is much more quiet at idle...but that could be because i cleaned out the engine not too long ago for about 1000 miles or more... with Marvel Mystery Oil ... that stuff really helped... but back to the high mileage oil ? maxlife, penzoil, or Castrol's GTX high mileage are all great.... my '92 cherokee has 175,300 miles...still going strong...
I like the HM Oil Mobil makes best Then the Castrol HM close 3rd [Smile] Then the Citgo one " Ultra Gard " when you want a big , gargantuan [Big Grin] additive pack to run 7k miles or up [Razz] Analysis in the works
Hello all-new here. I have used both the Mobil HM Blend and the Quaker State HM. I like them both. When I first put the Mobil HM 10w30 blend in my son's Beretta (3.1 V-6), it started leaking out of the corners of the front valve cover gasket, developing wet "sludge trails" that dripped down to the exhaust manifold. It is on its 3rd OCI, and at some point it quit leaking and the trails have dried up. I do think there is something to the "seal conditioning". I did not see any change in consumption, but it is only about 1/2 quart in 3000 miles. I use both the Mobil NV 5w30 and HM 10w30 blends in our two Ford trucks that see a lot of short trips because I like the higher detergents. I drive an old 87 GMC with a 305 V-8 200,000+ miles. After I did a valve job last fall, it started consuming a quart of conventional 10w30 per 1000 miles. I just finished by first OCI on Quaker State High Mileage 10w40. Consumption decreased to just under 1 quart in 3000 miles. It has never leaked much, but leakage has decreased to a very small drip (stain) on the garage floor. Since I replaced all the gaskets in the top end, along with the oil sender, I dont know how much the decrease (if any) is due to the oil.
Is high mileage oil really worth using? I've got almost 130k miles on my car and all I've used is regular 5W-30 dino with an OCI at every 3750 miles. The car runs like it was brand new. There is no oil consumption... at least not enough for me to notice and to require me to add any between changes.
As long as the High Mileage Oil is a synthetic (Group V) blend (whether it says so or not on the label) I think they are worth the extra $0.75-1.00 per quart. Anyone know of a "High Mileage" oil which does not have any ester in it? [Confused] --- Bror Jace
"Some" of the HM's might have ester for use as a pour point depressant only for the groupI they use . Some might be using better base oils and esterfied additives " plural " along with other additives exclusive to the HM oil . I think they have many secrets and they are not all alike [Smile]
Yes, only the best high mileage oil is HDEO aka Chevron Delo 400, Mobil Delvac 1300, Pennzoil Longlife, Shell Rotella T, etc. It is around $6.00 gal at WalMart. Just my opinion, that and a buck will buy you a cup of coffee... Gene
I had great success with Castrol HM in a ford 4.0 (146k), engine really seemed to like it and did not burn a drop. Also the Mobil HM Blend in 10w-40 worked very well for my 3.0 Nissan 4x4 even if it was a bit on the thick side.
My '91 Tracker 1.6 with 138K miles was using about 1 to 1.5 quarts of dino juice with a 3K OCI. After I switched to Castol HM, the consumption was reduced to (and remains at) about .5 qt per fill. No change in driving habits, miles per week, etc. FWIW, I drive about 85 miles round trip per day to work at an average speed of 55 mph with only about 3 stoplights each way.
My experience with Pennzoil HM in a 90 Toyota Camry is similar. Eliminated the blue smoke out the exhaust on start-up, and cut consumption dramatically. The stuff works.
I used Castrol HM in our 89 Lincoln Town Car, it worked exactly as advertised, I noticed big reduction in oil consumption using that oil vs. your average conventional oil in this car. This car was a big consumer of oil with lots of little leaks. When I switched to Castrol HM it reduced oil consumption down to 1/3 of what it used to me on conventional oil. I thought it was a great product.
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