Best, 5% Moly Heavy Equipment grease

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Jan 17, 2017
SW Michigan
What brand of 5% moly grease do you use on your excavator, loader or other earthmover? I have tried Conoco Phillips 5% moly, DA lubricants 5% moly, Brad Penn 5% moly, Mobil xhp 322, and others. I find these nlgi 2 greases to be too thin and not tacky enough. What suggestions could you offer me on brand, type, and performance? Our biggest issue with Grease is pound out, especially with older equipment with some hours on it.I guess the best product I have used is the Brad Penn lc5. Opinions????
Schafers is loaded with moly also. John Deere has a moly grease also. I would recomend replacing pins and bushings if you are having pound out issues. Different grease isn't going fix that and it is only going to get more expensive to repair if you try to work through it.
Depending on the nature of poundout, you may want to consider a thinner grease. Micromotion applications, such as universal joints, need thinner grease so the grease can reflow under the surfaces once it has been pushed aside.
I'm still waiting to hear from a couple of neighbors as to their experiences with TRC Moly 800 crown & chassis and Moly Paragon 3000. Maybe this be a good excuse to bust out the backhoe and do a little testing...
TRC MOLY 880 Crown and chassis---yes 5% MOLY.. I have Great luck with my Dixie Chopper and Scag ZTR Riders. They have a Mousetrap type of thing that they use as a Demonstration for what a grease and how it wound Literally Pound out.
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Tractor supply offers a moly grease too. Not sure of the %. I been purchasing moly grease from Beforethe moly grease I was using heavy duty grease for construction equipment. Seeingtie rod wear with standard greases it was time to get a extrame pressure grease.
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TRC 880 with Moly, or Schaeffers 238. TRC 880 w/ Moly or Schaeffers 274 would be a better choice for winter work than the 238. We have been using TRC 880 in everything for 10 years, and I do not even remember the last time we replaced pins in anything other than equipment that was purchased used. Have never found it necessary to use the moly version.
Rob Roy, what equipment you running? I've asks a couple of neighbors bout trying moly or the paragon 3000 after using regular 880. Resonse most of the time is "why?"
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A Cat D8T, and D6. Volvo 160 excavator, Bobcat S220 skidsteer.
That ought to be adequate for testing!
Aluminium complex grease is not as waterproof as calcium complex..... just cheaper. TRCs grease is the latter, you can guess what everyone else is... there's a reason their grease costs more, and it's not the because of fancy pamphlets, labels, bottles, hats or merchandice. Moly 880 ftw, Moly Paragon if you need high temp.
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Never really came up with a 5% moly grease that has a reasonable price, and supplier nearby. Wound up going with Valvoline Cobalt grease. Seems to be the best I have tried so far at $5.50 per tube. Seems to be well suited to heavy earthmoving applications. I haven't had sufficient time to review it yet...
Earthmover, keep us posted on how that grease is working! I've never encountered that product, so I'm quite curious. Also, trc and Schaffer s should be sold thru sales reps in your area as well as direct, so if this valvoline product does not make you happy there's another option. If curiosity gets the best of you and you want a couple tubes to test let me know, I'll send some your way
CAT's greases are calcium sulfonate complex so have better water/rust resistance compared to Lithium and aluminium, with 5% moly and you can get them in NLGI #1, 1.5 and 2, synthetic or mineral oil. [edit] oops, just realised it's an old thread.....
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