Best 4x4 setup? Pickup truck related, not SUV or car.

The Volvo XC90 is rated to 5,000 lbs.
For comfortable towing a 5x8, I would consider the 2021 Durango Hemi with tow package.
Rated to 8700 lbs.
2021 Dodge Durango | Available R/T Tow N' Go Package & More

Or for significant more cargo capacity, this.
2021 Stealth Trailers 7X12 STEALTH TITAN Enclosed Cargo Trailer | Trailer Classifieds | Find Cargo Enclosed Trailers, Flatbed Trailers and Horse Trailers for Sale (
True. I started thinking Volvo due to the seat time. That’s a lot of seat time. But aside from tool boxes and minor gear, an suv trunk isn’t going to be good for cujet‘s bigger toys. Trailer will eat mpgs unless he went low profile or open.


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Cujet is likely getting what, mid teens while cruising? Start pulling an enclosed trailer and it'll be single digit. Maybe not so bad if it was a flatbed.

Then again, if the employer is eating the cost of gas, perhaps it's a big "don't care".
5.4L V8 2009 = 13.5-14 (by far the most pleasant truck, best ride, best cornering, quietest and smoothest)
3.5 EB V6 2011 = 17.5-17.9 (engine sounds annoyingly like a UPS truck and gets on my nerves on long trips)
2.7 EB V6 2018 = 19 (engine sounds like a race car when in sport mode, 10sp is awesome, and is fun to drive) (aluminum truck is bouncy)

All are SuperCrew, the 2011 is 2wd.

I pay for ALL my travel expenses, they are not reimbursed and I can no longer deduct them. That means, fuel, Avgas (when I fly my plane) oil, uber, taxi, rental cars, airlines, parking, hotels, you name it. It all comes directly out of my pocket.

And, yes, it's been worth it. 100%. I would not do this otherwise.
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Cujet I do like our 2018 f150, 2.7, 4x4. It’s a regular bed with the extended, but not double, cab. I have the base XL trim, with bucket seats, larger gas tank and sync 3. there are days I wish I could carry people with a real back seat, but i use the full length of the bed just as often depending on the season.

It’s a more relaxed drive on the highway than our Lexus GS, and the 36 gallon fuel tank is hugely convenient on road trips. With a camper shell, I see 21.9 or so mpg on the highway at 65-70, stock sized continental AT tires (a lightweight tire).

when Towing, it’s got gobs of power. Power is not an issue. Turbo whine, though very faint, begins to drone (er, drill...) on the highway with a trailer, which bothers me unless I turn on a podcast or music. I did find that the rear shocks had to be replaced fairly early on - I suspect highway towing accelerated their wear, but it’s a great vehicle for towing or carrying cargo, minus the plastic trim surrounding the old-man-step, which ripped off within 6 months and every month thereafter. I’m about to just run some sheet metal screws through it.

the camper shell settled down that aluminum body bounciness. I like having the shell. It weighs about 200 lbs.

the 4x4 has not had any hiccups. It turns on when I need it. There are occasional threads about the shift motor requiring replacement on the t-case. I suspect a savvy diy could probably repair it - likely a position sensor.

i find the seat very agreeable for long trips, but seats are personal and the XL is often said on the internet to not have great seats. It works for me.

mine has not been without blemish - the factory headlights are almost entirely useless. Mine has had warrant work on the AC (recirc servo) and the 10sp could use some improvement. Idk if there’s a hardware issue or if it’s all in software, but it’s not a consistent experience for me. If I were buying today, I would still consider the Ford. My tundra was more reliable, but it was super thirsty at the pump.