Battery Terminology

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Jan 13, 2016
Northeast Nebraska
I'm headed to O'reilly to get a new battery, according to the site they have two batteries that will fit my Buick, see sig. The one that matches my Interstate the closest is the Super Start Premium DIN Battery. The have another but the CCA is lower and is a little more $$. Besides the specs the only difference I see is the DIN battery has both types of terminals, top and side. I figured out what DIN stands for "German institute for standardisation" but what has that got to do with the battery, just curious as I have never seen that before when looking for a battery.
The top terminals make the first one also fit size 34 European applications. The other one is only for size 78 GM standard.
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Comparing ASA (American Standards Association), DIN (Deutsches Industrie National) , and ISO (International Standards Association) would be interesting. Soft conversions (as were used for film speed) are one thing. Hard conversions (manufacturing/testing standards) could/would be another.
Get the CCA as mentioned in owners manual. Not current battery unless original. Best is to get the needed CCA or slightly more. Do not look for the most CCA. More CCA in same footprint means thinner/weaker plates. Now in some cases the only battery available is one with a lot more CCA. However if you have room, a larger footprint battery is a good idea.
Ended up getting the one with the side posts only. 690 CCA should be enough to turn that little six banger over. Donald, I didn't see anything in my manual that mentioned CCA, all it said was to replace it with a AcDelco Freedom.
I had one of those combo batteries where the side terminal went dead. I was able to switch to a top post and got several more years of use out of the battery. I know several others who have had side terminal failures. I'd opt for a top terminal battery if it fits.
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