ASAP Tire (TireRack Mobile Installer) Review

Jun 12, 2004
Athens, GA
Granted, you'll have to take this with a grain of salt since obviously installers will differ, but.

I've had them do work for me twice now, and I'll go ahead and say, what an awesome, easy experiance. I'm one of those wierdo's that prefers to take my wheels off the car and go have them mounted (I also tend to buy my next set of tires on sale and store them until it is time to use them). Gives me time to inspect the brakes, clean the wheels, etc. I have a truck, so its no big deal to tote the wheels/tires to a store to have it done, but why. Total install is about $120-$140 depending on if they dispose of the tires or not and I don't have to leave the house. The only downside I can see is that they don't carry a road-force balancer in their van, but most of my vehicles balance pretty easy and I've never had a problem with their standard balance. The last time I toted my stuff down to the local Discount Tire, the install was around the same price, so for me, its a no brainer.

Props to my installer, Jarvis who was super prompt, professional, and a cool dude to boot.
Good experience here,a year ago I had 4 winter tires to mount on 4 steel wheels for corolla,they came on time on big van about 10 minutes a tire done since not to mount on the car yet,save me time and hustle if I have to haul all of them to the store and back and the long wait or if unlucky to leave it to them and come back. Not bad for 100$ for 4,mount,balance and new valve stem no TPMS.
I'd bought the tires elsewhere. $120 to dismount/mount and balance. These were 4 trailer tires for our camper....which, they won't take wheels off a camper/trailer, so you do have to do that yourself if you weren't planning on already, but a car/truck they'll pull them off and reinstall them if you want.

Of course, I tipped him as well, so if you want to add that in.
I worked in the tire industry for a long time. A decade ago it was kind of normal for mount/balance to be significantly cheaper if you bought the tires in the store. It doesn't seem to be that way now, it's like $25-40 per tire (depending on size) no matter what. I always thought a mobile installer would be a good idea, and the company I used to work for started a mobile van about three or four years ago. For people to get their tires changed while they're at work or whatever is a great incentive.

There is a wheel repair shop a block from my work that I typically use now. Like the OP I take the wheels and tires in separately since I typically have my other set of winters/summers on the car when I do it anyway.
I do like as well that there's absolutely no pressure to buy anything. They don't seem to care one way or the other that you got the tires elsewhere, from them, or off the side of the road. As long as the parts are in good shape, you pay, they mount.