Anyone know who makes 'Deutsch' auto parts?

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Feb 3, 2005
I'm just curious...I see their stuff at Autozone a lot, and occasionally on import-car parts websites.

They're usually reasonably priced, and from the few things of theirs I've seen, seem decent enough, quality-wise. I can't seem to find a homepage for them, or anything like that. Anyone know who manufactures their stuff? I'm thinking of using a few of their PCV parts and filtering parts for my 2 wagons, since they're the easiest to find around here...but I don't want to buy junk :-\
I haven't seen them in quite some time (they stopped selling at Autozones around here a couple years ago) but they were quality parts. The oil filters were made by Champion Laboratories. Not sure who made their other stuff, but I've used all types of parts from that brand and never had a problem.
I had Autozone show me a Duetsch fuel filter for my car. As soon as I saw it, compared to a AC or Purolator, I declined. You'd have to pay me to put that thing on my American car despite close half the price of the said above two. They're trying to use a German marketing name as if it's some unobtainium engineered product, when in reality it's a peice of junk like a Volkswagen or an Audi.
Pathetic attempt at slaming a brand/genere that you obviously have no experience with. Do the initials DTM mean anything to you?
Lets not turn my thread into a flame war.

Take it back-channel, ladies.
I've never seen ValuCraft PCV valves and filters (other than oil filters, which appear to be a new line that Autozone is carrying) though. Come to think of it, I've never seen anything Deutsch that's not a PCV valve or a filter.
Yeah, my Autozone just has Deutsch PCV valves, and filters, and stuff like elbows/nipples, etc. for vacuum and PCV systems. Basically lots of small bits.
My comment was simply to show whoever named that brand of parts probably wanted people to think of engineering quality by association. The Deutsch fuel filter for my appication is a painted cannister. ACs and Purolators are stainless steel cannisters.

The car I'm putting it on is for a guy down the street with a 11,000 mile Grand National. The fuel filter may stay on the car for 10 years as probably his current filter has. I don't want to put a cheap painted metal can on that car. I'll spend the $5 extra dollars and get the purolator.

If marketing had brain-washed me like many people in this country with perceived German engineering and manufacturing equaling reliability and quality, I may have bought that peice of junk.

More than any other make of cars I've experienced, people I know get that same dose of reality with VWs/Audis. Surveys have show as VWs being among the highest *perceived* quality cars depite reality being almost the exact opposite - perceived quality by association. Exactly what Deutsch might purposely be trying to pull off with their name.

My post was as a heads up for people to closely look at the part instead of the name.
Okay Fanboy and Mr.'ve used up your usefulness in this thead.

There's a channel in the back. Use it, love it.

Anyone else out there have any Deutsch experience? If they really are crap, I'm happy to drive to Kenosha to get a Purolator, or maybe order a Bosch from the Internets.

how about the fuel filters, though? Those are what I'd get from them.
I've used the Deutsch oil and air filters in my wife's '95 Integra with no problems. If I recall correctly, my '91 Legend may have seen the oil and air filters, as well, always with Mobil 1.

The Autozones here no longer stock that brand, so it's Pure One or Mobil 1 oil filters for me.
I believe their fuel filters are made by this company in Israel:

The company’s international customers are filter manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and brand name importers. The largest customer sector is the filter manufacturers who provide 85% of the company’s sales. Among our customers you can find Renault, Bosch, Sogefi, AlliedSignal, Purolator, Mann + Hummel and many more.
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