Any experience with Toyo Open Country Q/T?

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Oct 14, 2017
north east
I have had good luck with their open country AT. The wife is soon to be in need of a 255/50R20 for her explorer (has winter tires/wheels). There is an online store that I bought my Toyos from that has a set of 4 delivered for $600. Pretty good deal for the 20's. Thanks.
Good tires and a good deal. Unless she’s in need of an A/T, I’d suggest low rolling resistance tires. They make a 5% difference in fuel economy for my Jeep. That would probably be $300 in fuel over the life of tires on the Explorer.
I don't have those tires, but I do have other Toyo models on three of my vehicles. No complaints about any of them.
Had them on my Sequoia for a while. They drove nice, not the greatest traction in the snow, but good enough. One of them shredded itself at 70 mph on I-65 right in front of the Corvette museum in Kentucky. When I went in to replace it and the other three after the blowout the tire shop guy said "yea we see that a lot with Toyos, I'd get some other brand if I were you". Don't know if that's true or not judging from the other three, I believed him. They were cracked all over between the treads and according to the code on the tire they were only a few years old.
I've had several sets of their cousins, the Terra Grappler and the Toyos are milder yet. Great tires.
you just missed the cyber monday/black friday sale at DT/DTD Had 390 in rebates on my set of winter tires and wheels. I've used toyos in the past.. they were my favorite value AT tire in the early 2000's
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