Toyo SnowProx S952 - How Are They?

Nov 3, 2013
Northern Utah
I've found a set of OEM MB wheels that are the right size, which are spec'd out in the manual for my E350. The price is good, so I'm going to pick them up. They have a set of Toyo Snoprox S952 tires on them, and the owner describes them as having 85% tread life remaining. Judging from the pictures he has posted, the tread pattern looks like they would be good is snow. But I'm not familiar with the Toyo Snowprox. Anyone have experience with this winter tire?

The price on the wheels is fair enough that I will buy them regardless of the quality of tire. But it would be great if the tires are good, and I can drive on them for a few winters.
they are very old outdated european winter tires. that dates back to before 2007. info is not easy to find. toyo appears to have the snowprox s954 but that tire also appears to have been replaced by better tires on the toyo european website. the reviews from 15 years ago seem to indicate they were fairly good winter tires at the time.
Wow! That is older than expected. I suspected they were discontinued, as I checked the Toyo website and couldn't find the SnowProx listed. So I am planning on checking the date code when I go to pick them up.

If the tires are really that old, this may be a negotiation point, since I will really, only be buying the wheels, and will have to pay disposal fees on unusable tires.