Animal fat Bio-diesel???

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Had a discussion with my brother last week. Was telling him about bio-diesel. He said bio-diesel cannot be made from animal fat. I told him yes it could. Am I right or wrong?
One of the Professors at our local University had some oil from the Tyson chicken processing plant. Two things I remember about it is that it titrated at a 7. (This means it takes 12grams of KOH per liter, base of 5 plus 7 for the titration) Also the biodiesel made from this oil had a real orange color. This was possibly from the beta carotene in the chicken feed.

If I get WVO that titrates 5 or over, I don't use it. It gets real expensive to process plus it is just plain crappy oil. (To much FFA, free fatty acids)
Wilson Fuels in Nova Scotia is producing it's BioD from fish oils. Read that thhey have struck up a deal with a fish plant that is processing the oil for pharmaceutical companies that require Omega lll, Vitamin 'E', etc. Once the plant is done with the oil, Wilson's takes it and converts it. They have been supplying Halifax's public transit fleet with B20 for two or three years now and have started making it available to the public in limited locations. Have used their B2 and B20 - stuff is awesome. B20 has the very faintest fish smell on it - cool!

This is a quote from Exxon:


A cetane number higher than required does not materially improve engine efficiency or operation. Most engine manufacturers recommend diesel fuels with a cetane number of at least 40. Diesel fuels sold by reputable marketers meet or exceed this requirement.

With the new ULSD that is now being shipped, the Cetane is running very close to 40 and in some cases less than that. An aftermarket Cetane boost may be required. So any biodiesel such as B5 and up should be beneficial. Also the diesel fuel being shipped meets the new lubricity requirements, but these requirements are very minimal. So I recommend a lubricity additive. Again biodiesel would meet this requirement. B5 and up. (Most engineers claim B2 and up)
Oz is getting improved diesel fuel lately, and the minimu level is 46 these days, and often is in the low 50s.
I'm not saying run 60 certain in your diesel.
That is way over kill. Any thing with a certain of about 50 is more then most diesel engines need to run there best.
Cut this 60 certain bio diesel in with that sorry excuse for fuel they call ULSD.
I filled my truck with ULSD onec, just after I disposed of a gallon of used motor oil via the little cap in side the fuel door.
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