Amsoil dealer lives 4 houses away!

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
That's right, I happen to have a big amsoil dealer that lives right around the corner from me! I was backing out my driveway and a big ol ford super duty drove by with an amsoil sticker on it and dozens of cases of amsoil in the bed. So I drove up there and talked to the guy. I can literally walk about 1/4 of a block up my street and buy whatever amsoil I want [Cheers!] The only thing he doesn't have that much inventory of is amsoil oil filters, but even he said that oil filters are oil filters EXCEPT for Fram. I just about fell over laughing. He even said if I buy some from him that he'd throw in a couple of oil analysis for dirt cheap and that I could just drop them off at his house and he'd send them to the amsoil lab. He does that for other customers. **** , I feel lucky. I'm for sure going to give amsoil 10w-30 a try now with analysis of my current pennzoil 10w-30 to see how the amsoil holds up. Cheers [Patriot] [ May 06, 2003, 09:07 PM: Message edited by: Drew99GT ]
I wish I new someone close that sold it. When you buy Amsoil at dealer cost, for $20 a year, or in your case, free, you really can't beat it. I pay slightly more then M1 or very close to being same and feel I get a little more for my $. Good luck. I'm running 10w-30 now. Have 2200 miles on it. Consumption has been waaay down.(main reason for switching) Very happy. It's even better then M1 0w-40. [I dont know] Plan on testing it at 12k. [ May 06, 2003, 09:16 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
I just scanned over some of ther UOA reports from amsoil, and many of them have higher lead than other brands at the same milege and viscosity. Any concern about this? I still have to pay retail for the amsoil from this guy but I don't have to pay S & H.
I just scanned over some of ther UOA reports from amsoil, and many of them have higher lead than other brands at the same milege and viscosity. Any concern about this?
I'm not aware of this. Maybe the other guys that are better with the UOA's can chime in. The last 4 Amsoil UOA's have been excellent. Just might be the engine they were in.
Ah, I just looked over some more and it's about the same on average as other oils. The one with the pennzoil synthetic compared to amsoil looked promising! Amsoil does seem to hold up better than mobil 1 for sure if you take a large sample of UOA and put them in a spread sheet. After running mobil 1 in my Grand Am, I will never buy the stuff ever again. The noises and knocking perhaps had nothing to do with oil but then again, why was it so much quieter with dino?
I just looked in my phone book to see what other dealers there are in my area. It listed a couple other dealers, and then it listed my neighbor as a Direct Jobber. What in the hell does that mean fellow amsoil enthusiests?
Direct Jobber, I believe is someone who has been around a while, has many many dealers signed up (revenue stream) and in many instances Amsoil is the sole source of income. Primary business is selling Amsoil and locking up the stream of new dealers for more commissions. If you are going to use enough of the product become a dealer. Minimal cost and savings over retail are about 20-25%. So if you use enough of it $20 fee is worth it. Also, depending on where you live ther may be a distribution center in which case you can pick up the product at the warehouse in lieu of a dealer or direct jobber. Very few Amsoil reps stock inventory so if your neighbor has products you are lucky.
I am an Amsoil Preferred Customer and I save considerably more than the $20 annual fee with just the oil, filters and injector cleaner that I buy. The savings on one case (12 qts) of Amsoil 5w-30 is $16.80. The savings add up pretty quick.
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