Amsoil BMK21-Sandwich adapter

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Jul 19, 2004
Long Island/New York
I have the Amsoil BMK single remote bypass filter and I was wondering if I could use a oil filter sandwich adapter with two ports,one for input and one for the return to the full flow oil filter.I dont want to tap into the oil cap or oil pan.Thanks Joe
On what? Passenger car engine? A Permacool sandwich? Sure.

You can probably dispense with the smaller hoses if you want to. If you don't, you'll need to get some NPT to JIC adapters ..or a JIC/AN to NPT depending on which end you want to change. The mounts have 3/4-16 threads O ring boss fittings.

To got to NPT, you need one of these on the Amsoil end(s)


If you're adapting from the Permacool end, you need these.

They still appear to be using the 3/4-16 thread filters. That means a standard Permacool

181 Sandwich Oil Adapter

Fits 3/4"-16 threads. Designed to fit most Fords, Chryslers and Dodges. 1" thick. 3/8" NPT(int) ports for use with 1/2" oil lines. 2-1/2" O-ring included.

If you're going with mostly Amsoil parts:

Adapter fitting, 3/4"-16 male straight thread with "O" ring to male 3/4" JIC BMK13, 14, 15Ea, 16Ea & 17Ea
(2) two

This is for the Permacool sandwich

Adapter fitting: 3/8" MNPT to 3/4"-16 JIC BMK13 & 14
(2) two

Hose fitting, 13/32" ID hose to 3/4"JIC female swivel BMK13, 14, 15Ea, 16Ea & 17Ea
(4) four

13/32" I.D. hose 8' length (discontinued) BMK14, 15Ea, 16Ea & 17Ea

BP217 hose sold by the foot

If you want to go with hose clamps and something like trans cooler line (totally acceptable, imo) ..then you can use hose barbs.

This only complicates it since you need the ORB fittings.

You can get two of these from Amsoil for the mount and just remove the petcock. This (iirc) is a 1/8" thread


Oil sampling petcock valve BMK13, 14, 15Ea, 16Ea & 17Ea

you would then just buy hose barbs to fit the hose you decide on (let's say 5/16" trans cooler hose).

You would get 3/8 X 5/16 barbs and 1/8 X 5/16 barbs.

Enough length of 5/16 hose ..and four hose clamps're done.
Gary,Thanks again for the help.I ordered the parts you mentioned I needed.I have a question for you.Besides the sandwich adapter parts why couldn't I use the hose(1/4 inch)and other parts that came with the kit?I see that 11/32 inch hose was called for.The reason I ask is because I would of used the wrong hose and other parts.again Thanks Joe
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