Amsoil 2005 Calendar

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Is Anyone interested in a free Amsoil 2005 calendar? I ordered 100 for my account (that was the minimum order, I estimate that I'll have 25-50 left over. If you are intersted send me an email and I get one to you. The only requirement is that you contact me first for your next Amsoil order. [email protected] Happy new year
Originally posted by msparks: I still have about 15-20 calendars left. Let me know if you are interested.
Do they have any Buy Three get Three Free coupons inside? [Big Grin] If I didn't have so many of those darn Pep Boys ones, I'd take you up on that offer.
I haven't heard anything about new calendars yet. I hope they go back to the old ones. The customized ones were too expensive and took forever to come. We need to get them ordered soon, though so I can get them out before the 1st of the year. I'll let you all know. I think it's just as easy to staple a business card to a generic Amsoil calendar.
Well, Spoke too soon. The new calendars are now available, I'll be ordering 100 here this coming week. They are the old style that are generic and you just put a business card on them. Yahoo!! I'll post when they are here so I can send them out.
ONly 50? LOL I was in Superior yesterday and was floored at what some DJ's were picking up. 3 spent over 30g and one over 40g in products. A million $ dj was there also (Durand) showing off the diamonds (6) ring, I was about 30 ft across the room and I could see the rocks from there. Btw-They were all young guys..(less 30). I was sitting there when AJ asked if anyone was over 40 and this young guy next to me stands up. Did not even dent the warehouse inventory.
I've got 150 on the way. I'll let you all know how many I have left over. wow 30g's. on product. I would hate to have to stock all of that. To each his own though.
AJ was commenting on the rigs some of these DJ's had, one guys trailer was big enough to hold 2 cars and pulled with a big Expedition. He must have been the guy who got over 40g in products. Most of these were from WI, MN, SD, ND area. There were about 15-20 or so DJ's there out of about 100 total people. The new warehouse is something else, 7+ acres under 1 roof and AJ was complaining Alexander spent another 400g to remodel the cusomter pickup with 4 drive in bays. Times are good in Superior. The drive back last night was terrible, heavy snow and 4WD for most of the 200 miles home. Lots of lake effect Snow from Canadian winds coming south accross Lake Superior. I was breaking trail along US-2 from Ashalnd to Hurley, up to 6 inch on the roads and visibilty about 100 ft at times. [ December 04, 2005, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: Mike ]
Yes...only 50 LOL. I had to leave a few behind for the other dealers. I'll pick up some more when I go back down for our xmas party. Well i'm working slowly at getting more and more product in MY warehouse. I've already sold lots of 2-stroke oil to the snowmobile guys. They are getting ready to burn up the trails!! From what we were told at OUR meeting here in Toronto..we in Canada have been the biggest growing area this past year. I know my sales sure have grown. Maybe CTC has played a part and now people are checking out our web sites for the other products we carry. I hope to get up to the Wisconsin headquartes soon myself and see the new warehouse for myself. It just may be a good spring motorcycle ride [Smile]
fyi The photo of the Amsoil Center shown in the Lubes n' Grease reprint is the view you see from US-2 Hwy as you enter Wisconsin and Superior from the West.  - [ December 04, 2005, 06:12 PM: Message edited by: Mike ]
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