Amazon Smile is Ending February 23, 2023

Jul 10, 2012
South Carolina
Easier said than done... It was a good set-up that didn't cost us poor folk any extra money to spend. I get your point though & appreciate your input. Yes, we can directly donate but this was a good compromise for the ease & lower cost for many people supporting the richest man. I think it was a good trade off & good PR for amazon. Now not so much but they'll surely promote the "Housing Market" b/c well they have amazon "Home" stuff to sell to those people. The money grab is obvious. We are rightfully disappointed & I feel we have a good argument about it imo.
Good point, and thank you for your well thought out explanation, I actually learned and realize I used a poor choice of words and should have kept my comments to myself
Jul 18, 2022
With economic slowdown, Amazon is doing everything to trim the fat.

I‘m not surprised they stopped Amazon Smile.

Exactly, there is overhead required to manage the system, payments, etc. Overhead that could be doing something that makes the company more money.