Amazon has great deal on Distance Plus filters

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Jan 18, 2010
NC, United States
Amazon currently has Bosch Distance Plus filters on sale for $10.49 with a $5 rebate off that. You can get free shipping with a $25 or more order. Bosch allows the $5 rebate for up to 4 filters. I ordered three and would have ordered four if I'd looked at the rebate form before ordering.
Not bad. Pep Boys has a coupon you can get online for $10 any Bosch D+ filter. Last month it was a BOGO free deal on them.
Just a suggestion here about using the $5 rebate. The one on Amazon good till month's end, has the same offer number, address etc. as the one that ended 10/30. If you buy four BD+ at Advance, use a $20 off $50 code like ES123, then send in the $5 rebate, that works out to about ~$3.50 each. Many Bitoger's did this before November. *I don't guarantee that the rebate will still work with the AAP purchase, but nowhere on the Bosch rebate form do I see, 'must be purchased from Amazon.' BD+ for $5.50 from Amazon is excellent, $3.50 is great. One more suggestion, if you are going to try it with an AAP code, don't call to ask the rebate folks if it will work, because then it most likely won't.
I just did the deal at AAP - the code worked, I also did not get charged for overnight shipping! I wanted to be sure I beat the 12-31 date for the MIR. Figured if they would ship it for free, I will take it! I ordered 4 D3430 filters for my Astro for $3.49 each after the discounts and MIR. LIKE LIKE LIKE!!
Before the one on the Bosch site expired (10/31), I checked it against the one on Amazon, all the information(offer#, po box etc, address etc.) was identical. And, as mentioned it did have the same start date. Again, no mention on the rebate form that it is an Amazon exclusive rebate. Your call.
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